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03 December 2020Forthcoming album

Launch date to be announced - The tracks have been mastered and they sounds great but, due to delays in pressing the 12" vinyl and arranging online distribution, release day may be knocked back into next year.

The album has been over 7 years in the making, calling on the talents of musicians from Europe, Canada and the US. There are distinct psychedelic overtones to this collection of songs, with a heavy leaning towards uplifting guitar heroics - see the link below to view a series of promotional videos on my YouTube channel, in which you can see footage of all the musicians who performed on the opening song, a 25 minute epic called You Were Never There.

I have been in touch with several of my musical heroes regarding the use of some of their words in this song, and the response has mostly restored my faith in human nature - for example, Robin Williamson (Incredible String Band) phoned up for a chat about what I was doing with his lyrics and approved unreservedly, Ivan Pawle (Dr. Strangely Strange) was enthusiastic and the guys from Gong said that, "whichever planet Daevid Allen has passed on to, he would be tickled pink to tune into Radio Gnome" and hear how I had used his words, while Edgar Broughton had this to say about You Were Never There:

"That took me back. It was like being in a museum - not where I'm living these days, musically, but where I used to live. Very evocative and impressive" ...what a nice man, eh!


The inner sleeve features a photo-montage of all the musicians playing on the album...

As soon as the CDs and vinyl are available, details of how you can order your copies will be posted here...

07 September 2020THIS WEEK'S GIGS

Due to the current situation, there are no immediate plans for live performances.


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